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As the highest governing body, the Fund Management Committee is chaired by the Minister of Health and Welfare and comprised of ex officio members, representatives of employers, employees and the insured and experts in the relative fields. For further expertise-based decisions, the Committee runs its preliminary review committee, Fund Management Evaluation Committee, and advisory sub-committees on three areas.

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Fund Management Committee list
  • Terms of Reference
Fund Management Committee
(the Highest Governing Body)
The Fund Management Committee deliberates and decides major matters related to fund investment including the investment policies statement.
  • Chaired by Minister of Health and Welfare.
  • Composition of five ex officio members, three representatives of employees, six representatives of individually insured persons, three representatives of employers, and two experts in pension schemes.
Fund Management Evaluation Committee
(the Preliminary Review Committee)
The Fund Management Evaluation Committee pre-reviews agenda before they are submitted to the Fund Management Committee.
  • Chaired by Vice Minister of Health and Welfare
  • Composition of related government officers and experts appointed by each stakeholder group in the Committee.
Sub-Committees The Fund Management Committee has sub-committees which have their own special purposes such as investment strategy, Responsible Investment & Governance or Risk Management, Performance & Compensation. And each subcommittee is comprised of experts in various fields including economics, management, law, and finance to fulfill its role effectively.