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Fund Governance

The governance for administering and investing the Fund is strictly specified in the National Pension Act. According to the Act, our major agenda including investment plans and performance evaluation are discussed and approved by the Fund Management Committee of the National Pension Service ("Fund Management Committee") that, as the highest decision-making body, is comprised of representatives of employers, employees and the insured and the relative government agencies. While the Minister of Health and Welfare is responsible for administering and investing the Fund, the actual works are outsourced to and implemented by the NPSIM equipped with professional investors.

Governance Structure

Governance Structure.The Fund Management Committee decides yearly the Investment Plan which enables to construct the investment portfolio by providing an understanding of expected return rates and risk tolerance levels. And it also approves annual target portfolio as a top decision-making body, and the Minister of Health and Welfare entrusts all implementation of the Fund investment and management solely to us.