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Voting Guidelines

We exercise the voting rights on holding stocks in a manner intended to maximize the long-term value of our investments. In order to make prudent votes, we are committed to scrutinizing companies performance as well as advocating their effort to enhance long term corporate financial performance.

Of course, we comply with the voting principles and procedures which are formulated by approval of the Fund Management Committee under the Guidelines for Exercise of Voting Rights. As a result, at the National Pension Service Investment Management, we determine the exercise of voting rights, except for a particular matter which is submitted to the Council of Experts on the Exercise of Voting Rights due to a controversial issue.

Voting Principles

In the NPSIM, the voting is aimed at expanding the fund assets and conducted in compliance with the following principles:

  • We vote as a prudent fiduciary to meet the interest of the currently and previously insured persons and the persons entitled to pension benefits.
  • We vote with consideration of responsible investment for environment, society, and corporate governance.

Voting Scope

In accordance with the Voting Guidelines, we exercise the voting rights on all stocks owned under our name. However, if our share ownership is less than 1 percent of total shares of the company and, if the stock's weight in its asset class is less than 0.5 percent, we may choose not to exercise the rights.

In principle, we make a decision in voting, except for the agenda on which it cannot decide. In that case, the voting decision is made by the Council of Expert on Exercise of Voting Rights.