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In 1999, we were launched under the mission of professionally managing the National Pension Fund. Since then, we have continuously strived to strengthen our capacity and innovate our organization to flexibly respond to the growth of the fund and changing investment landscape.

  • 700 trillion


    • 2021

      Split of Global Public Market Division into Global Equity Division and Global Fixed Income Division

    • 2020

      Creation of Managing Director position (for investment strategy, risk management and investment operation)

      Achieved KRW 800 trillion in total fund

    • 2019

      Created three divisions of Global Responsible Investment & Governance, IT and External Affairs. Reorganized alternative investment units into three divisions of Private Equity, Real Estate and Infrastructure

      Achieved KRW 700 trillion in total fund

    • 2018

      Adopted the Stewardship Code for National Pension Fund

    • 2017

      Achieved KRW 600 trillion in total fund

    • 2015

      Launched FX Management Team, Global Infrastructure Team and the Singapore Office

      Achieved KRW 500 trillion in total fund

    • 2013

      Launched the Responsible Investment Team

      Amended the National Pension Act to create FX account

      Achieved KRW 400 trillion in total fund

    • 2012

      Reinforced our operational support functions

      Launched the New York Office

    • 2011

      Split the organization in charge of global investment into two divisions ? "Global Public Market Division: and “Global Alternative Investment Division"

      Launched the New York Office

  • 300 trillion


    • 2010

      The Compliance Officer first out of the control of the NPSIM

      Achieved KRW 300 trillion in total fund

    • 2009

      Commenced the internal investment in foreign equities; became a signatory of the UN PRI

    • 2008

      Launched additional teams under Overseas and Alternative Investment Divisions

  • 200 trillion


    • 2007

      Reorganized our investment organizations by asset class; Created External Corporation Team and Compliance Officer

      Created the Compliance Officer to strengthen internal controls

      Achieved KRW 200 trillion in total fund

    • 2006

      Launched Overseas Investment Team and Alternative Investment Committee

    • 2005

      Commenced the outsourcing of global fixed income investment and global alternative investment

    • 2004

      Commenced the outsourcing of domestic fixed income investment; Launched Alternative Investment Team

  • 100 trillion


    • 2003

      Commenced the internal investment in foreign fixed income

      Achieved KRW 100 trillion in total fund

    • 2002

      Commenced the domestic alternative investment, and the outsourcing of global equities investment

    • 2001

      Launched Fund Management Division and Risk Management Committee

    • 2000

      Commenced the outsourcing of domestic equities investment

  • 500 billion


    • 1999

      Launched the National Pension Fund Management Center with six teams and 40 employees and the Investment Committee

    • 1988

      Established the National Pension Fund