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Welcome Message

"As the CIO of the National Pension Service,
I’d like to say WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE."

Acting Chief Investment Officer Hyo-Joon Ahn

The National Pension Service Investment Management (NPSIM), launched in 1999 under the mission of professionally managing the National Pension Fund, has evolved into a global institutional investor with asset under management of KRW 918 trillion as of the end of Oct 2021.

Since the inception of the Fund in 1988, we have achieved an excellent performance in fund management. Our cumulative investment return has reached KRW 504 trillion with its annual average rate of 6.27% as of the end of Dec 2020, from 1988.

Challenges we are facing now include the higher impact of our increasingly growing fund on the domestic financial market and the prolonged trend of low interest rate and low growth. To overcome such challenges, we will continue to make our greatest effort to improve our investment returns down the road by proactively seeking new investment opportunities with more diversified portfolios.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Chief Investment Officer Hyo-Joon Ahn
National Pension Service