Our Mandate

The National Pension Fund (NPF) was formulated in 1988 in keeping with the mandate to manage assets in the best interest of contributors and beneficiaries and maximize returns for the long-term stability of pension funds.

To achieve this, the National Pension Service, commissioned by the Minister of Health and Welfare to provide pension services and manage the NPF, created the National Pension Service Investment Management (NPSIM) in 1999 as a dedicated investment arm that focuses solely on fund management.

National Pension Fund

01.Contributions, 02.National Pension Fund(The Fund is established to smoothly secure financial resources necessary for the national pension plan and to serve as a reserve fund to be appropriated for pension benefits.(Article 101 of the National Pension Act)) Fund Management(The Fund shall be managed to maximize investment returns and contribute to the long-term stability of national pension finance.(Article 102 of the National Pension Act)), 03.Pension Benefits


National Pension Act

The purpose of the National Pension Act is to contribute to the promotion of the stable livelihood and welfare of the public by providing old-age, disability and survivors benefits.


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