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Laws & Regulations

The National Pension Act

The National Pension Act states that the National Pension Scheme should contribute to the stabilization of public livelihood and promotion of national welfare by providing pension benefits for old age, disability and death.

  • A linked document can only be used for reference; it is a translation into English of an original Korean document. In the event of and discrepancy between the two texts, the Korean text shall prevail.

The Financial Investment Services and Capital Market Act

The Financial Investment Services and Capital Market Act was enacted in March 2009 to contribute to the development of the national economy by facilitating financial innovation and fair competition in the Korean capital market. As an investor, we comply with the Act and related laws and regulations on investment activities.

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The National Pension Fund Investment Guideline

Every year, the National Pension Fund Management Guideline is drawn up by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and becomes effective after being finalized by the National Pension Fund Management Committee, in observance of Article 103 of the National Pension Act, especially for fund investment and management. The Guideline assists investment managers in implementing investment policies and strategies and achieving management targets, as an investment policies statement for the National Pension Fund.