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Performance Assessment

The investment performance of the Fund is assessed each year with an aim of improving the reliability of the fund management through transparent and impartial disclosure to the public, and utilizing the results of performance assessments to promote the enhancement and development of the investment management practice. The performance assessment is conducted for a three-year period or longer in principle, and includes quantitative comparative evaluation relative to benchmarks and qualitative evaluation on governance, risk management, etc.

The annual performance assessment involves: (1) submission of performance assessment reports by the National Pension Research Institute and an external agency selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare; (2) review by the Special Committee on Risk Management and Performance Evaluation & Compensation; (3) examination by the National Pension Fund Management Practice Evaluation Committee; (4) approval by the National Pension Fund Management Committee. Through this process, the performance assessment is finalized around at the end of June of the following year.

Performance Assessment Reporting Process

Performance Assessment Reporting Process