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Investment Plan

The National Pension Fund is being invested according to the two plans set out every year - the Mid-term Investment Plan and the Annual Investment Plan. In particular, the Mid-term Investment Plan defines the next 5-year target through the analysis of the expected returns applied to the fund’s long-term actuarial assumptions and the projections of its assets and liabilities. The Annual Investment Plan contains the target of the strategic implementation of the target defined in the Mid-term Plan based on domestic and international investment conditions and portfolios as well as the target allocation ratio and risk tolerance by asset.

Annual Investment Plan

Target Portfolio by 2019- Domestic Equities 18.0%, Domestic Fixed Income 45.3%, Global Equities 20.0%, Global Fixed Income 4.0%, Alternatives 12.7%.

Mid-term Investment Plan

Strategic Asset allocation The Investment Policies Statements by the Fund Management Committee is set for the National Pension Fund of Korea to hold More or Less 45 percent of its assets in equities, More or Less 40 percent in fixed income and as much as 15 percent in alternative investment such as infrastructure, real estate and private equity funds.

According to the Fund Management Plan, our Fund is managed under three Sectors - Financial Sector, Welfare Sector and Other Sector. In particular, the assets in the Financial Sector are broken down to Equity, Fixed Income and Alternatives in domestic and global markets, and other financial products for management. We manage our Fund by each asset class for the purpose of diversifying investments and, thereby, enhancing the profitability and stability of our Fund.

* In case of hurting our fund management activities or financial market, we may keep our detailed target portfolios or other confidential information confidential according to the Fund Management Guideline.