Our Leadership

Executive Fund Director & Chief Investment Officer

Won-Joo Seo
Won-Joo Seo Executive Fund Director & Chief Investment Officer

Managing Directors

Suc-Won Lee
Suc-Won Lee Managing Director
  • Investment Strategy and Responsible Investment & Governance
Jong-Hee Kim
Jong-Hee Kim Managing Director
  • Risk Management and Legal
Jeong-Kyu Hwang
Jeong-Kyu Hwang Managing Director
  • Operations

Division Heads

Kim Chi Mug

Head of General Affairs & Human Resources Division

Jung Jung-Chang

Head of Finance & Investment Operations Division

Hyup Son

Head of Investment Strategy Division

Dong-Sub Yi

Head of Global Responsible Investment & Governance Division

Hahn-Gook Kim

Head of Domestic Equity Division

Ho-youl Shin

Head of Domestic Fixed Income Division

Hyeong-Ju Lim

Head of Global Equity Division

Ho-sun Lee

Head of Global Fixed Income Division

Hyung-Don Choe

Head of Private Equity & Venture Capital Investment Division

Jun-sang Ahn

Head of Real Estate Investment Division

Mi-Ok Hwang

Head of Infrastructure Investment Division

Young-Chan Ko

Head of Public Market Risk Management Division

Jae-Wook Lee

Head of Private Market Risk Management Division

Il-Gu Park

Head of IT Division

Un-Gu Choi

Head of External Affairs Division

Overseas Office Heads

Rachel Eun-Jeong Oh

Head of New York Office

Won-Woong Park

Head of London Office

BH Han

Head of Singapore Office