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Led by Chief Investment Officer Hyo-Joon Ahn, the National Pension Service Investment Management (NPSIM) is comprised of Investment Operation Division, Investment Strategy Division, investing departments for equities, fixed income and alternatives domestically and globally as well as three overseas offices in New York, London and Singapore and Risk Management Center.

Executive Fund Director

  • Hyo-Joon Ahn Hyo-Joon Ahn

    Executive Fund Director &
    Chief Investment Officer


  • Seong-Tae Park Seong-Tae Park

    Head of
    Investment Strategy

  • Jong-Hee Kim Jong-Hee Kim

    Head of
    Risk Management Center

  • Mal-Yong Lee Mal-Yong Lee

    Head of
    Investment Operation

  • Sung-Je Choi Sung-Je Choi

    Head of
    Global Responsible
    Investment& Governance

  • Suc-Won Lee Suc-Won Lee

    Head of
    Domestic Equity

  • Hahn-Gook Kim Hahn-Gook Kim

    Head of
    Domestic Fixed Income

  • Hyeong-Ju Lim Hyeong-Ju Lim

    Head of
    Global Public Market

  • Hyung-Don Choe Hyung-Don Choe

    Head of
    Private Equity Investment

  • Hyun-Soo Kim Hyun-Soo Kim

    Head of
    Real Estate Investment

  • Jee-Yeon Kim Jee-Yeon Kim

    Head of
    Infrastructure Investment

  • Dae-Yeol Oh Dae-Yeol Oh

    Head of
    IT Division

  • Won-Woong Park Won-Woong Park

    Head of
    External Affairs