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Real Estate

Under the portfolio diversification strategy, the NPS constantly expands its exposure to alternative assets including real estate, infrastructure and private equities, etc.


(in trillion won, as of the end of Q1 in 2022)

Asset Value of the Real Estate 40.7, Weight in the Total Fund 4.4%, Portion of the Alternatives 32.0%

Overview (Unit: KRW in Trillion)
year Alternatives Real Estate
2017 66.8 24.8
2018 76.6 28.3
2019 84.3 31.2
2020 90.7 31.3
2021 119.3 38.0
2022. Q1 127.1 40.7
1. Until a fund management assessment is completed, preliminary estimates are provided.
2. The figures above might not add up due to rounding.

Type/Geography Composition

(as of the end of 2020)
Real Estate Portfolio Breakdown Sector Diagram - 
					Type is Project : 45.2%, fund : 54.8%. Region is Domestic : 20.3%, Overseas : 79.7%.
					Overseas Market is Asia*: 22.7%, Europe: 20.9%, North America : 41.7%, South America : 0.5%, Global : 14.3%
1. Data on assets by sector, industry, issuer or type as of the end of the fiscal year is disclosed in the third quarter of the
followingyear according to Article 25 of the Guideline for National Pension Fund Management and Article 39 of the
Regulation on National Pension Fund Management.
2. The figures above might not add up due to rounding.